"Asttarte: My visit with you earlier this week was amazing! Your spirituality and sensuality are what I would consider gifts...You have a healing power that I would not have believed if I personally did not experience it. I enjoyed every moment of your healing and felt rejuvenated and changed after two hours in your presence. I plan to continue to see you each time I am in the Philadelphia area and look forward to more spiritual growth." JMB

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"You blow your competition off the map with your focused loving PRESENCE! No one can touch you there! Most therapists are just marking time to collect a paycheck. Whereas you genuinely care for your clients. It’s a beautiful innocence that you care so much!”

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"Warm regards! Please accept my sincere thanks for yesterday’s session, together. It was such an awesome experience, and I thank you for your energy, love, and sacred healing. I feel renewed in heart, mind, and spirit. Namaste!" - T., client

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This site is about True Tantra and Yoga to heal the self, and expand your capacity for giving and receiving love with others. Whether you need help with your relationships, personal peace, individual healing, a better yoga practice or to start a tantra practice, True Tantra will get you started where YOU are and help you clear yourself or develop yourself for a better you!

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