Sexual Repression to Expansion

sexual repression to expansion  Sexual Repression to Expansion

How does one go from being sexually depleted, lacking desire, energy or passion to finally feeling their own pleasure again?

I consider the body as a being of energy, light and movement, and with awareness, and knowledge of what is going on inside the body, what is going on in the mind, how the body feels physically, and the energy surrounding the body, one can get access to how to alter it to feeling how they “choose” to feel!

That is a lot to sort and figure out, one might say! However, really, our bodies are capable of so much more than we realize, and we ourselves have the ability to adapt, alter or change how we feel at any given moment. We can shift our focus onto what we are thinking and feeling, by what where we choose to place our attention. So, if we can do this, why not alter how our entire body feels at any given moment?

Some call me an Alchemist, because I have the ability to do this, however, it is a fun process to figure out what is going on, what is blocked, and then hone in to exactly the path to shift one’s physical sensation and reality.

So on to the subject of “Sexual Repression to Expansion”:

What are you dealing with emotionally? You can take on practices to sooth your feelings, clear them or calm them down.

Where are the emotions stored in your body? You can do visualization exercises, energy healing practices, chakra clearing and guided visualization or meditation to alter or dissolve the un-happy or stuck feelings that are not filled with light, joy or love.

What does your energy feel like around your body? Does it feel heavy or dark? Does it feel mucky or clouded? Does it feel intense like anger or a wall? Does it feel confused or sad?

How does your body feel physically? Are your muscles sore or tight? (and where). Do you feel tired, lethargic, or weak and maybe prone to getting colds (weakened immune system).

Once you discover these 4 main areas, and whether some or all need to be addressed, you can go deeper into tackling the energies that are causing the repression. One area may take significantly more importance than another, and possibly need to put all your attention on it for a while before moving on to the next. After all these are done, then you can go into the specific chakras that are asking for the most attention, do some chakra clearing practices, movement of the energies, and work on releasing the weight within in. That’s when it starts to get fun!

Once all the issues have been resolved, the chakras are moving, cleared and open, then you can go into the tantra meditation that will create expansion! And from there anything is possible!

If this sounds easy, try it out for yourself! See if you can take it on and create the movement you desire! And, if you need a little help, feel free to ask for it, and send me a message!

Lovingly to your pleasure and success,

Asttarte xoxo

Sexual Frustration and open marriage

sexual frustration and open marriageSexual Frustration and Open Marriage

There’s an extroadinary amount of marriages and couples that stay together for the security, rather than the desire and love of it.  Couples have children, they build a foundation of what’s comfortable. They love each other, but the passion, spontaneity, openness to each other, and playful sex almost disappears. Where does this passion and desire for intimacy go? And what do they do about it? Sexual frustration often gets transferred into taking care of the child/children, work, career, and time to just simply rest.

When marriages have lost their zest and they have a love for one another, this can often lead to dependency on the other. A fear of looking outside the marriage shows up out of fear of breaking the security they have developed, the security for the children and the harmony and emotional balance of all involved. However, when YOU have NOT had your sexual needs met, in weeks, months or years waiting around for the security of your husband or wife is truly wasted energy. I can understand you might not want to risk the family bonds, the close knit family gatherings, and the fun you all have together for the sake of the children, but there comes a point when sexual frustration has taken over, and your sexual self expression is completely missing and void that your entire life force has dwindled away.

What do you do to take care of your personal needs when they show up? Do you have an affair? Do you secretly date someone new, keeping lies between both the new person and your husband/wife? Or, do you have the straight conversation with your family and husband/wife and talk to them about what is missing for you, what you want to create, and the fears, concerns, and pain it may cause for each other?

The only way to solve issues between a partnership is to straight up talk about it. However, not everyone is comfortable talking that boldly, and not everyone is willing to take the risk. Are you willing to risk your sexual pleasure, vitality, life force for the sake of keeping something solid when you are not happy? Or, is having honest communication something that you might be willing and open to having? Despite all the criticism, complaints, concerns and fears the other person may have, can you be able to listen to them, hold the space for them, and be loving despite everything they might feel out of your honesty?

You might be surprised. You might get your needs met, and you just might be able to have it all. Isn’t it worth the risk?

For those I love, friends, clients and myself, I say YES!sexual frustration and open marriage

True Tantra Sessions

True Tantra SessionsWhat are True Tantra Sessions? Perhaps you might be asking this question. This blog has a lot of great information from over the years, however, the sessions have evolved, expanded and changed over time.

Tantra Level 1, 2 and 3 Sessions, may involve: Phone Sessions, the Healing Program, the Health and Wellness Program, the Spiritual Program, Relationship Program and the Tantra Program.

However, some of the practices, may not all be listed on these pages. All old services still exist, especially when it comes to tantra.

For further details from my site

*The following is adult content ONLY!*
Each type of session/exercise or practice can be performed as one session solely, or several can be combined in one treatment session. We can decide together what of these practices to choose – based on your goals or intentions from the list above, or I can use my intuition to choose how the session will go.

Descriptions of Sessions, Exercises and Tantra Practices below:


Cuddle Sessions

for receiving nurturing, healing, and opening of the heart center, and energy centers. This practice alone is very sacred, helps heal the person on many levels, and brings a level of fulfillment that many are in need of.


Tantra Yoga Practices; tantra movement exercises, meditations & breathwork:

Tantra Yoga Practices
Practices of Tantra Yoga include over 30 exercises of expanding awareness, awakening bliss in the body, moving the energy in the chakras, full body movement exercises and breathing exercises. We will move into any of the exercises available to us and create a sacred session fill with expansion and love! This can be done standing or sitting.
Tantra Meditations
Tantra Meditations are done seated, working with the breath, the kundalini energy, the kegels/root lock and powerful visualizations. There are over 100 Tantra Meditations and each can be used to prepare the client to receive a powerful healing session.


Tantra Breathwork.
Tantra Breathwork is almost the same as the Meditations, however, this can include meditations as well as more physical movement. This can be done standing or sitting. Most often, this practice is done laying down on the back, with the knees up and feet planted on the floor. The main intention of the breathwork is to release energy blocks in the aura, and emotional blocks in the body. Tantra Breathwork creates deep awakenings, insights and emotional transformations to manifest and create changes that help uplift the spirits, bring enlightenment to oneself and ones personal relationships. This is an excellent substitute to Energy & Movement Psychotherapy and can be a powerful catalyst to therapy, a way of taking personal responsibility for one’s process in and out of a relationship, and a way of creating harmony in your personal and love life!

Tantra Shamanic Breathwork
see Tantra Breathwork!

Tantra Eye Gazing
A popular practice often overlooked – Tantra eye gazing drops layers upon layers of walls of energy stored around your own aura, and if given the proper focus and time, can allow deep healing, deep sacred and intimate connection to occur, and powerful blocks to be removed while speaking your truth of who you are and communcating this to the one(s) you love! This practice is often done before anything else. It creates a safe container of connection, trust and intimacy to be built, and without this nothing else can be done!

Yabyum exercises for intimate connection & healing Tantra Massage
Yabyum is another sanskrit word for connection with the Beloved. you will often see statues of Shiva and Shakti or Radha and Krishna sitting in the position. It is where the man sits in the lotus (or indian style) position, and the female sites upon his lap. The man lays his arms around the females lower back, and the female lays her hands on his upper back. The position is done with the Tantric kiss (forehead to forehead), connection and clearing the chakras, the breathing of the kundalini energy, chanting the mantras of the chakras, and awakening the kundalini to connect to the beloved!

Kundalini Fire Breath
Kundalini Fire Breath is a practice done solo. It can be done sitting in any position, and in Kundalini Yoga is often done during intense yoga asana postures. In Tantra Yoga, this is usually done in the lotus position; while sitting still. The Kundalini Fire Breath creates harmony between the yin and yang, or masuline and feminine sides of the body and harmonizes the energy within you and around you. It creates a feeling of stillness and peace all over and other words for this are called Bliss! The feeling is mesmerizing!

Sensual Massage (Can be Tantra Level 1, 2 or 3)
Sensual Massage is a Healing Massage used to create connection, let go of barriers, and open up to the awareness of feeling touched and heighten sensitivity to touch, and allow for feelings of euphoria and bliss overall. Other practices of tantra are often done to prepare for this session, and allowing at least 1 hour minimum for the remainder of the session to be done on Sensual Massage will give the feeling one deeply desires and deserves! Other practices are often done within the massage to heighten the overall experience.

Sacred Spot Massage (Can be Tantra Level 1, 2 or 3)
Sacred Spot is another word for the prostate for men. This practice can be added to a Sensual Massage for heightened pleasure, or can be done solo as a Spiritual and Healing Session. When done solo, it can be a very powerful healing tool for releasing blocked emotions within the body, and when this is requested, please be prepared to drink a lot of water and have plenty of rest after the session is over.

Sacred Yoni Healing (Tantra Level 3)
This practice is offered for women. Yoni is a sanskrit word for the female sexual area and when offered by the Dakini this is done for healing of deep seated trauma, awakening blockages in the body, expanding orgasm, and offering loving compassion and gentle support for the woman. Sacred Yoni Healing can create a feeling of upliftment and empowerment in the body, and expand the Goddesses awareness to all that surrounds her. This healing exercise is offered with presence and loving acceptance from the Dakini.

Goddess Worship (Tantra Level 2 or 3)
This is where the Practitioner allows the receiver to give to the Practitioner in a form that would allow them pleasure from having a lack of giving in their personal life. It is a time to let down walls and guards in regards to intimacy, however, the practitioner may still have certain boundaries within this dynamic and also offer suggestions or teaching in how this can be done. Goddess Worship can include physical intimate touch, massage techniques, and energy techniques.

Sacred Lingham Healing (Tantra Level 3)
Lingham is an indian sanskrit word for the male sacred area. Another word for Lingham is wand of light! And, in Tantra and Sacred Intimacy, the lingham is viewed as a wand of light always, even when one does not realize this potential within him. In tantra, the lingham is a tool for awakening the kundalini and can be used to expand consciousness within himself and his beloved female partner. The male must practice the art of tantra for this sacred connection and ability of healing himself and his female partner to be created, however, with the tools and practice, this can be achieved. The Sacred Lingham Healing is performed by the Dakini, to help remind the God/Shiva/man of his own divinity and power within him, to feel nurtured, received, accepted and loved for who he is. He may learn practices to contain his energy and hold his power to expand his orgasm for longer lasting love.

Sacred Bath Ritual (Tantra Level 2 or 3)
The Sacred Bath Ritual is a practice to create a feeling of unconditional love, acceptance and feeling honored as a man or woman in the world. It almost gives a feeling of nurturing as an infant or child would feel, and the mothering energy offered can almost be transformed into a feeling of deep and unconditional acceptance from the receiver. This practice is often done to prepare for a Sensual Massage or Sacred Intimacy. It also may be done to help someone repressed to reawaken desires and passions stored within them, and to relive a fanasy or create a fantasy never experienced before. The Sacred Bath creates feelings of peace and relaxation, an opportunity to be in the unknown, and to surrender to the stresses of every day life!

Sacred Foot Massage (Tantra Level 1 or 2)
Sacred Foot Massage is one of my favorite practices to offer for clients. The feeling of the warmth of the water and the bubbles trickles up ones entire legs and allows the body to melt away all feelings of tension and stress. This gives me an opportunity to share my loving gifts of intuition to offer energy healing, and sensual touch.The Sacred Foot Massage often leads into many other wonderful energies and creates a beautiful beginning of an amazing session.
Pleasuring Your Partner (Tantra Level 1, 2 or 3)
This Session is often done in a Couples Session, where I as the Dakini, assist you and your partner to the feelings of pleasure and tantric love. This can be done as a fully tantra session, or a gentle session of love and intimacy filled with breath, eyegazing, gentle loving touch and massage. When a client comes to see me alone, this is often replaced with a Goddess Worship Session.


Intimacy Therapy

Intimacy Therapy is a very intimate form of therapy and healing, and when one requests this as a session, they must be willing to be authentic to their own feelings within them self and allow them self to become vulnerable with their Practitioner. Often times, a client will need to come to the Practitioner for weeks or months before they are ready to allow themselves to trust the Practitioner they are seeing; unless they are already on a deep spiritual path and know within themselves that they are ready. Prior to Intimacy Therapy, the client will go through a few practices of Tantra Yoga and sometimes Sexual Healing before opening up to the Intimacy Therapy. However, in few cases, the client requesting the session will know exactly what they are wanting to address and heal and Intimacy Therapy can be performed immediately.

Intimacy Therapy can include other techniques from this list including:
Tantra Eye Gazing
Yabyum exercises for intimate connection & healing Tantra Massage
Pleasuring Your Partner

Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing encompasses practices of Tantra Yoga, however, with a Practitioner giving a Healing Service with the reciever lying down, or standing upright. Sexual Healing is not a series of learning exercises to practice as much as it is a practice to move energies to help you heal blocks of pain, numbness, anger, sadness or any other emotion that is in your way. Sexual Healing is a way of receiving the nurturing you need in specific areas of your body. It can include eye contact while you lie on the floor, energy healing or reiki anywhere on the body, massage techniques, and guidance on moving your energy.

Sexual Healing can include other techniques from this list including: Pleasuring Your PartnerTantra Meditations
Tantra Breathwork
Sensual Massage
Sacred Spot Massage
Sacred Yoni Healing
Sacred Lingham Healing
Sacred Bath Ritual
Sacred Foot Massage

One on one talk time, in other words, Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, and Meditative calming breathing is always a pre-requisite for all sessions before moving into any of the tantra practices mentioned above. Asttarte Deva

Sex and Being Upset

Sex and Being UpsetWhen you are carrying upset in your heart, be it sadness, making someone wrong, holding resentment, judgment or anger, sexual energy may be missing and at most, going into the act of sex will be for the wrong reasons.

The idea of sex is a very personal matter, and when there is any upset at the person you hold the most dear to your heart, it makes sense that the sexual drive may be lacking or absent all together.  Is it more important to you to have sex, or is it more important to you to be connected to the person you love? What I mean is, do you find yourself driven by the desire of sex more than the drive to have love in your heart with the person dearest to you?

Perhaps the person dearest to you, you have given up on, or perhaps you have been resigned about something you are upset about and have decided not to deal with it, talk about it or confront it with the person. When I say “Being Upset”, I mean simply being upset. Not everyone is willing to admit that they are just simply upset with the person they love. They might find it more appealing to focus instead on sex, or focus instead on another person, or another activity. But when it comes down to it and after much time has passed, the reality is you may be upset with someone. Maybe you left the relationship all-together and are even trying to date someone new, but don’t even know why you are 1. either not attracting anyone new in your life, or 2. are not feeling fulfilled by the new person, or 3. have no sexual drive with the new person at all. Consider that you just may be upset with the person you were previously with, and on many levels still love them very much!

If you are still open to the person you deeply love, cheers to you for realizing your love, and being committed to waiting until the time is right to work out your differences.  Not everyone is willing to wait to work things out. Many people often give deadlines and say, “I will give you 6 months,” or “I will give you 1 year to x,” or “If this doesn’t work out by the end of this year or next year xxx….” and what you have is an ultimatum, and ultimately a heart that is blocked and shut down, and incompletion with a solution with the exact person you love the most!

When your heart is shut down from the person you love the most, do you still have sex with them? What is your sex like? Does it satisfy and fulfill you? Or do you feel something is missing and an emptiness?

No one is perfect, and upset happens. You are a human being. We all have upsets. They come and go and then you work it out.  But when you don’t work it out, what do you do? How do you deal with your upsets with the person you love the most? Do you avoid them, walk away and try to resolve it on your own? Do you talk to your friends for advice? Do you shut out the world and pretend it didn’t happen?

And when there is something missing with the person you love the most, do you know that you are actually just holding onto something, and upset with them?

Sometimes the act of forgiveness, love, and letting go of something that happened or how you are feeling about someone close to you is harder than many people know. Deciding to forgive someone, and telling yourself you forgive them, is not nearly the same as truly dealing with your feelings, unraveling them as far as they need to go, and then knowing 100% for sure you have forgiven them is a completely different thing! Admitting to yourself that you are upset, your feelings are hurt and telling the real truth to the person you love, is the first step in truly forgiving them, and when you can do that, you just might start to unravel your feelings and open up your heart again! And if your heart is open, doesn’t it only make sense that your sexual drive returns, your passion and your state of peace and satisfaction? :-)

It is a true gift! And, sometimes we need an outside person to kick us in the head and open our eyes! And then, all the rewards show up!



Sexual Frustration and Anger

Sexual Frustration and Anger


Sexual Frustration and Anger; it saddens me when this shows up, but in fact sexual energy and the emotion of anger all too often come together and in many ways are merged as though they are one thing. Many times anger comes before the sexual frustration, and in particular when a relationship ends and ones needs aren’t being met, sexual frustration and pent up sexual energy holds in passion. When this passion does not have an opportunity to be held, loved and supported, it often then turns into anger.

The energy of anger is so strong, many people can pick up on it from miles away, from a short or far distance and over the phone. If someone is not feeling fulfilled in their sexuality, perhaps solely just taking care of their own needs but missing out on the connection of another, anger can be the prevalent emotion one experiences.  This one emotion can be the predominant energy in ones being and take over every single interaction one has. If one has the desire to control, dominate and manipulate situations to their favor, and lacks the ability for sympathy, empathy, kindness, compromise, compassion or patience, anger may be the emotion hiding and controlling you.

Also, anger shows up when their is unresolved issues in the past, and perhaps the person is not yet ready to face the past, look in the mirror of how they are really feeling, and instead wants to project all their feelings towards everyone around them. The anger can be easily sorted out, processed and dealt with, but if someone is not willing to admit how they are feeling, cannot be honest with themselves or you, any amount of talking to them or convincing is wasted energy. You cannot convince anyone who cannot even be honest with themselves, nor does talking help you as the person who cares about them. The best thing often to do, is walk away, and let them come back later with their own discoveries, their own answers and admit to you their feelings or experience.

Doing any sort of healing in the sexual healing world, can stir up A LOT of dark feelings, and go to a very dark place. And when someone who is seeking healing in the sexual realm is not willing to do their inner work, it can be a very unsafe place for practitioner and seeker to go. It can be a very vulnerable place for both, and working together at this level must be met with an agreement, an understanding and a true willingness for the seeker to be the student, to learn, surrender to the teachings and open their heart to heal anything and everything that presents itself that is ready to come to the surface and heal.

Our culture, of 2014, in the United States is filled with many people who have a lot of dense, dark energy, a lot of fear and anger, AND a lot of mixed messages of what tantra means and even to the extent that people are guarded when it comes to healing themselves or judge themselves thinking they do not need healing when what they are doing is going by a misconception of what society has labeled the terms “healing”, or “therapy” or “counseling”. And, in fact, there is confusion with the term “tantra” itself. The term tantra, in fact is NOT meant to be a sexual word. Turning its meaning into sexuality has been adopted by the porn industry, and in fact, this has confused the consumer and the audience to its true meaning of yoga, healing and enlightenment.

Tantra all on its own, is a VERY powerful word. Sexuality, all on its own, is a very powerful word. And, anger, all on its own, is a very powerful word! Separating each word to define what each truly means, and help those who want healing to know what healing is, how it may help them, and how they have the power to walk into their own heart, to find love, beauty and joy!

This is my mission and this is my path! I love all of you!


Sexual Energy and Stress

Sexual Energy and Stress Sexual Energy and Stress

When your sexual energy is missing, there is often a reason. Perhaps your energy is going towards dealing     with a stressful situation. Perhaps you are taking on the energy at work.  Perhaps someone you love needs   your attention and support, or maybe you are exhausted or dealing with something in your body that is   causing your energy to give it its attention.

If you are at the affect of your surroundings, it will impact your energy in your own body, your level of   stress, your vitality and your passion.  And, also, when you are going through a health situation that is   taking up most of your bodies energy, that too will deplete your sexual energy and cause your body to put its energy where it is needed.

Keep in mind, all of these situations are temporary. You have the power to purify your energy and come back to your vitality, and you have the power to regain your health, and bring back your bodies natural resources, gifts and qualities.

Don’t push pressure on yourself to be perfect and have your ultimate natural sexuality the way it was before. Know that it will return, and you have the power to do so. And, your best quality is patience with yourself, love for your body and knowing who you are, and surrendering to the present moment so you can do your spiritual practice, your healing practice and your health routine.

What are you dealing with in your health that is affecting your sexuality?

What you are dealing with in your life that is causing you stress, anxiety or repression in your sexuality?

Let’s meet together to do a spiritual practice, chakra healing and energy purification to help the process along!

If you have questions, please ask!



Awakening Bliss

awakening bliss

Awakening Bliss

“In order to access your full potential of bliss,
you have to clear the muck that’s in the way!

We are all Spiritual beings living in a physical body. Our spiritual body is mostly unknown to people on the planet; except those who are conscious and on the path. It is my pleasure and joy to work with those who are on the path, and to those who are not, to learn the power and value in getting started.

I offer you many techniques and practices on this website that took me many years to learn and practice, and many more to master. It is the utmost importance to allow the spirit to be of a significant factor in your journey of reflection, your recovery to healing, your awakening to the divine, and your passionate desire to connect to others.

Bliss is not something that can be achieved through simple pleasures of the ego, the mind or the body. Bliss is achieved through connecting to something much bigger than we all are – the metaphysical, transcendental, ethereal and energetic part of ourselves that lies not only inside of us, but all around us. Achieving bliss is a state of mind through conscious efforts in connecting to our spiritual selves.

Bliss can be achieved through the body, but there are always energetic blocks that keep us from fully expanding and opening into a higher vibration that our divine being is craving for us to embrace. When we can merge the physical body with the spiritual body, we can then achieve a full body state of ecstatic bliss.

When You Want Your Husband and Someone else shows up!

When You Want Your Husband and Someone Else Shows UpWhen You Want Your Husband and Someone Else Shows Up. This is the pitfall of many relationships. A woman is craving connection with the man she loves, and what happens is that her man is unavailable. He’s busy or preoccupied, or his interest has dwindled and he has other concerns and things he wants to focus on. She’s deeply saddened and desperate to gain his attention, but he’s always somewhere else, emotionally or physically.

In a Polyamorous Marriage this is perfectly fine. There is an agreement between both partners that they are allowed to be with other lovers, so long as the structure of the relationship is maintained. However, if the foundation of the marriage is rocky, or there has been very little connection, intimacy and commitment between the two partners, straying from the marriage can feel like cheating, or in Christian terms “committing adultery”.

When you’re in love with your husband (or significant beloved) and there is no intimacy, your heart tears up inside. You want his commitment. You want his willingness to do what it takes to be there for you, stay by your side and give you his all! But when you have waited and waited for him to show up in this way, and all of a sudden someone else shows up, most of the time, it is like God giving you the gift you have been waiting for! You fall prey to this new amazing being that you are so deeply drawn to, and your wish has been granted.  Then the big question is: what do you do next? Do you continue to wait for the man you deeply love, or do you continue to fall into the arms of another? How long are you truly willing to wait? If waiting is putting your life on hold, perhaps waiting is not what your supposed to be doing anyway. Perhaps, you ARE supposed to be enjoying life and just surrender to what life gives you!

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Intimate Love with Your Partner

Intimate love with Your PartnerMost people dream about being close to the person they love the most. They often wake up from dreams in the morning of their wife or husband that they are distant or separated from; just succumbing to the what’s so. Their heart aches to be close to them; even though their mind often tells them they don’t like this about them, or that, or that they’ll never agree or be able to compromise on anything. Couples often stay in the wishful thinking stage, or suppressing their truest hearts desires and just accepting that the relationship won’t get any better, when in fact, this is simply not true.

Perhaps you are blaming yourself for your relationship being distant, or you are blaming your partner, and put all your anger on him or her.  Perhaps you’ve given up on the relationship all together because you don’t know what’s possible, and you end up believing what you truly desire is not possible at all.

Many women stay in an unhappy relationship, not knowing how to change things, or their partner and wishing he will change. Many men don’t make an effort at all; even though they tell themselves they want to heal the relationship or be close to their wife, and go to a mistress, a sex parlor, an erotic salon, a sex surrogate, or an escort just to try to fill the void and lack of intimacy they are getting with the partner they really love. They make no effort to heal the root cause; nor try to heal their own issues so that his wife might fall back in love with him all over again.

But what men and women both crave deeper than anything in the world, is to feel a deep intimate connection with the person they love, that they married or are in a committed relationship with. People don’t want to have to go to other lovers, or temporary affairs to avoid the pain of the distance with their partner. What their heart craves more than anything, is to be held and caressed in the arms of their lover, their wife or husband and to know that the person they deeply love, cares for them, accepts them, and deeply desires them and loves them in return. It is a dream come true when their beloved can return their love to the man or woman they are the closest to, and fall in love all over again with the same person.

It is totally possible that you can fall in love again, with the same person, and in fact, fall in love with this same person over and over again! I can help you fall in love again, and remove the emotional pain, blocks, upsets and disappointments that have gotten in the way of the innocent freshness and intimate love you deserve!

Pink Tantra