Update On Tantra Sites

Update on Tantra SitesUpdate on Tantra Sites

Update on Tantra Sites

Newsflash, Wake up Call to Those Seeking Tantra, A Hello to those seeking help for their Relationships and Marriages, A Jump start to Sexual Shamanism, Spiritual Teachings, Energy Alchemy and Workings, and tools for Releasing Core Emotions and Armored Feelings. Asttarte is here, and back!!!! Yes, that’s me, the person who created this site, and your committed lover of Healing, lover of love and Sexuality, lover of Tantra and Emotional Healing, personal development, Yoga and Energy Healing, lover of massage, empowering and helping women and couples, and also your lover of Natural Healing and Herbology/Homeopathy/Aromatherapy/ and Natural Medicine!

Ok, the title is Kind-of accurate, but I have to keep the title somewhat short! My weekly site is still in existence; sort of a Bio Profile and Resume on all things Asttarte, writings, performances, healing modalities, etc. Check it out! AsttarteDeva.weebly.com

I am NOT getting rid of my site for women! That will remain in tact, however, my spiritual site gets hardly any hits, and this site gets TONS! My site for women has too much potential and so many of my peers, tantra educators and healer friends want me to keep it up to do group work with them, and there’s a need to help women that is very separate to my sites for men, so I’m keeping it. That’s not the point of this post, however!

I posted a Note on Facebook, which I made public, about my newfound love for herbology, my new awareness of my own healing journey of Lyme Disease, my love for understanding how natural healing can help the body, and a journey I am exploring to add more skills to my current Coaching practice! I am looking at taking an Herbal Practitioner Training next year, to 1). help me learn how to continue to heal my own Lyme situation and possibly coach others, and 2). To help my current and new clients with health related issues, especially men who have erectile dysfunction and prostate issues, menopause, cervical, and uterine issues for women, among anyone who wants to learn how to lose weight naturally, to detox, and cleanse the organs, and not spend a ton of money on a diet program .

What’s exciting about this new development is a new brand, and one that makes even more sense to me than my current brand of TrueTantra! What am I calling this new brand? And why am I considering changing my business name? Let’s be straight here! Most people looking for the key word “Tantra” are looking for a spiritual approach to helping them learn how to help their sex lives, improve their spirituality as well as are looking for answers to their sexual frustration. In many cases, people who call me, still want a straight up erotic massage! Sometimes they are honest about this up front, and most of the time they hint at it later, not being honest until the moment they want it and they are laying on my healing mat, and sometimes, thankfully, they tell me in the forms on my Asttarte site, or over the phone when we are talking.

The SECOND Brand, aside from Asttarte Deva, is called….drum roll please: LoveSexandTea! Why LoveSexandTea? Simple!!!

Obviously, a name like LoveSexandCoffee wouldn’t go well with a Tantra Practitioner, that would be the fast track to intimacy and sex! Tantra, love and Intimacy is about taking your time, building the energy, foreplay for the soul, spirit and body!

(Off Topic: There’s a well known woman who’s a Chef with the name, LoveSexandCoffee, that cooks for children, which has nothing to do with my practice in the least! I don’t plan on being a chef and have no intentions of teaching classes on cooking for kids. However, what I would be interested in doing with kids might be teaching kids yoga, reading, writing and singing with kids, dancing, performing and painting with them on stage at some point in the future!  As long as I know I can totally separate my Tantra work and Sex Coaching practice and working with children as two different things. Also, possibly at some point being an educator and public speaker in schools for young women and men on sexuality, sexual boundaries, and personal growth. For now, let’s stay focused on the topic!)

To answer, why Love Sex and Tea? I love the name! It’s catchy!

LoveSexandTea is a great title for a Radio Show, a Youtube Channel (which I now have), a book, a great title for a sex coaching practice for relationships, couples, and marriages. I also add in there tea and herbology for natural healing, and taking your time!