Buddhism and Hinduism Tantra Masters

Buddhism and Hinduism Tantra Masters

I am building a new website right now about the integration of sex and spirit, in regards to Tantra, Ascension and raising people’s frequencies; teaching those who are beginners the steps to raise their energy value and be a pure conduit for light! 🙂

Praying everyday! Mantras…….Tibetan Buddhist and Sanskrit (Hindu) mantras! and one POWERFUL Tibetan Tantric Buddhist mantra. I just discovered recently, that Buddha himself was a practicing devotee of Hindu practices, highly vibrational sanskrit mantras and Sacred Tantra. So practicing Tibetan Buddhists today, are actually closely linked to Tantra, as the original teacher of Buddhism (Buddha) was a Tantric Master, and he actually practiced Hinduism to become this! 🙂 So whether one is a practicing Hindu or Buddhist does not matter. They both are working in the same energies! 🙂 VERY cool!

AND, also Buddha, as a Tantra Master (today known through Buddhism) AND Babaji, a Tantra Master, (today known through Hinduism) , are BOTH of the same teachings, perhaps the same person from a different lifetime.

more to come~~~

Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung