Tantra Training Program

Tantra Training Program

Tantra Training Certification Program – Spiritual Training

Tantra Training Program

Tantra Training Certification Program starts with Spiritual Training and spiritual development. Spirituality means something different to every person, however, to do this profound work, one must truly understand the significance of a Spiritual practice, and be engaged in one on a daily basis. If one does not know the significance of a spiritual practice and the basics of spirituality, we will embark on a journey to help you get a hands on understanding of what that means and its significance to you. There may be homework suggested and it is important that you follow the guidance of the suggested practices, or your development of expansion will not build from a foundation of self love, but a place of need.

I wish all who embark on a path of true love, healing, health, joy and growth to have the greatest and richest life possible. It all starts with the self, and as you surrender to spirit, spirit will give you all the gifts you deserve!



Asttarte’s Tantra Training Certification Program is put together to help you gain an access and understanding and fully grasp the later work in tantra teachings, practices and healings. Asttarte’s Spiritual Program will allow you to fully clear and cleanse your energetic field and understand fully what one’s energy feels like in a pure and blissful state and this will allow any later work in tantra to take on its true meaning, power and experience of serenity and joy.



Tantra Yoga Basics






Meditation Training


Chakra Training


Mantra & Prayer

Are you new to japa prayer, or have been doing mantra for some time? Would you like to receive a mantra for your private spiritual practice? Perhaps you need a mantra for your relationship, for your work, or for spiritual expansion; or something else. Receiving your mantra can be the first step in expanding your spiritual practice and healing or resolving an issue that has been burdensome for some time!


Tantra Training Certification Program  Part 2 – Energy Healing Modalities & Emotional Processing Training

Asttarte’s Tantra Training Certification Program Part 2 is tailored to help support you in your emotional process, emotional healing, mental balance, opening the heart, forgiving the past and transforming your emotional/mental self. Not many are willing to admit they need to look at their feelings, or are deeply embarrassed, confronted and guarded to look at how they feel. They may be resigned, repressed, fed up, depressed or angry, but underneath all that is the important need to heal one’s feelings and emotional well being. Asttarte has been providing emotional healing for nearly 20 years and will support you to go to the deepest parts of yourself and you will come out feeling alive to life, refreshed and at peace once again!

The Modalities below are specific processes to help one unravel their feelings, go deep in their journey and come out a new person!

Tantra Training Certification Program Part 2 will help you work through your emotions and develop your skills to work with energy.


Quantum Intuitive Healing

All levels of healing, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. Quantum Intuitive Healing is a process where I can see the energy that’s blocked on the body, and then I help support the person to travel inward to unravel the weight, block or denseness in that area to remove it. After it has been removed anything your spirit and body is open to is able to receive. Often this process cleanses the energy field around the body and any emotional blocks one is experiencing. It’s very gentle, powerful, intense and magical!


Deep Relaxation Therapy

Receive support and guidance to travel to the parts of yourself incomplete, separate and unresolved within yourself and outside of yourself in your psychic field. You may have spiritual contracts, agreements or vows made with others in this lifetime or others that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Let’s travel together to see what is needed to heal and unravel into the spirit and bring you fully back to yourself. You will be left feeling validated, acknowledged, understood and your heart will soar open!


Intuitive Emotional Energy Therapy – Guided Journey and Emotional Healing

(A form of Spiritual Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and Relaxation Therapy).

With Emotional Energy Therapy, we will journey together to help you feel guided towards the path to your deeper self, inner self, or child self and unravel the patterns that are keeping you stuck, in fear, sad, confused or in pain. In this process we find the area of pain in the body, travel to communicate to it, help it to open and speak what it has longed to say, and come out feeling free, loved, clear and a huge weight lifted off of you! Whatever is your greatest need, we will walk together in the journey to your own freedom.

Go deep in your personal healing, your deepest and most hidden emotions and reveal the truth of who you are. Through IEET, here we begin a journey of self exploration and take you to your own limits of what feels comfortable and safe for you.


Body Awareness Intuitive Healing – & Chakra Balancing

You will be guided to scan your body and tune in to how you are feeling in each area of your body that experiences discomfort or pain. You will then get clarity on exactly where your stress is coming from and how to release the pain your body is carrying. We can then move the Session into a direction of focused intent, desire, and manifestation of what you really do want and create a structure to help make it happen! 🙂

These are similar to:

Quantum Intuitive Healing

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Emotional Energy Therapy



Tantra Training Certification Program Part 3 – For Couples Only

Tantra Training Certification Program Part 3 is for taking you beyond levels 1 and 2, and shows your dedication and commitment to your spiritual path. You will be taken beyond your spiritual training, and your emotional healing training, and move into practices of connecting with your Beloved, and move your spiritual consciousness to a sensual awakening. You will learn how to give a Tantra Massage, how to teach Tantra Meditation, and use your skills of spirituality and healing yourself to help others.

We will solely work on the healing of the lower three chakras, tap into their power source and the deeper core emotions running your body and your sexual energy. You may release deep grief, rage or sadness unknown to you, and let it go. you will be able to use this wisdom to help your clients; if you choose to be a Healer or not, you will be able to use these skills to help others and continue to grow on your spiritual path!


Tantra Part 3

Tantric Breathing & Breathwork Training for awakening and deep emotional healing.You may choose to learn this one on one, in a webinar, or get training by going to a live Tantra Community event. You will receive up to 4 free Tantra classes when you sign up for the 6 month Certification training program. You will also be required to have at least 5 Breathwork Sessions for the 6 month training program.

For those seeking Tantra Training Certification Program Level 3, you must have completed the Tantra Training Certification Programs Levels 1 and 2 and received your Certifications. Recommend Couples do both Levels 1 and 2 together!


The training does not have to go by order listed above. It is based on the group as a whole, and the energies each person puts into the program, and what each person needs for their own growth! Consultations for the group program and interviews will be taken by phone and in person. Feel free to send an email to asttarte@asttartedeva.com, and put in the heading “Training Program Screening”.  Some classes will be taught by Asttarte alone, and others will be partnered with other Teachers and Leaders. 


4 thoughts on “Tantra Training Program

  • December 13, 2015 at 10:47 pm


    My name is Keith. To make a long story short, my submission over the years has really evolved. What started out as fetish years ago has now become spiritual. This has always been in me, it has just blossomed so to speak and came to my awareness over time. I was raised a devout Catholic, but over the years I have felt something pulling me in a much different direction. I believe true submission is giving of your all, heart, mind, body and soul. The saying “one cannot serve two masters” is very true as I have learned. I believe Women, especially dominant, have the ability to embody the Divine Feminine, making them worthy of true spiritual worship. I know many may not understand this, but for me it is my calling. My path is one of deep spiritual devotion to the Divine Feminine through the worship of Women as living embodiments of the Goddess. I would love to be counseled further down this path. This fulfills me like no other religion possibly could. I appreciate the value of ritual and adoration Catholicism has taught me, I just personally feel it would be better directed on the worship and adoration of Feminine divinity. I sincerely hope to hear back.


    • mm
      December 17, 2015 at 2:52 pm

      Keith, it is so fantastic all that you wrote here! Surrendering to the Divine Feminine is not easy for many men, and it is your passion! I would love to hear back from you as well. Would you please email me directly at asttarte@asttartedeva.com, and/or fill out the contact form on this site, as well as go to AsttarteDeva.com and fill out a form or more on there? That would be the best ways to reach me. My phone number is listed on there as well! Many Blessings and Namaste!

  • July 31, 2017 at 10:30 am

    We are a couple interested in the training. We live in the Philadelphia area. My male partner is a massage therapist and this would be a great addition.


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