For those who are looking for a session, you must be ready to embark on a powerful journey of personal growth, awakening, and transformation. Sessions by Asttarte and/or Asttarte and Paul are not taken lightly. You must be willing to take the coaching received, and be submissive in receiving the guidance that is given. Sessions are about awakening to your true light, love and joy within. Any requests for inappropriate sessions will be referred to other practitioners who do more work on surrogacy. These sessions are to enlighten and transform your soul, and all parts of you hidden in the shadow!

Couples, Men and Women

For Sessions for Couples, please go to for my blog, or contact me here.

Sessions for men, you must be an old client or have a referral.

Sessions will be offered by Asttarte Deva or Asttarte and Paul Cook. See updates at

For Sessions for Women, please see the blog

Please check out my YouTube channel for videos and updates as well!

This site is now for Offerings, Programs, Trainings, Retreats and Certifications. Thank you so much for visiting, and if you are a client from years ago, thank you for finding me again!

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