Tantra After the Holidays

Tantra After the HolidaysTantra After the Holidays 

What are you doing to keep yourself feeling sexy and loved? How are you getting the connection and intimacy you desire? Are you still getting your needs met after the peak of the holidays? The middle of the holidays often can be a celebration and healing of love with family, and especially your partner, husband or wife. It may be a chance you can spend more time together, with work days off, more family members helping out with your kids, or a chance to just be home alone. When that joy of the holidays and opportunity to spend together is over, how do you keep the sparkle going?

Perhaps you went away together to a foreign country like Spain, or Greece, or a ski country like Australia, or Alaska. Did you snuggle up to the fire after hours of feeling the wind rush on your face, and massage each other after landing at the bottom of the hill as you pounded the ground and watched the snow fly in the air using all your thighs and strength of your Gluteous Maxima, minima, posterior and interior muscles?

Rekindling the flame after an intense connection and Holiday season can sometimes be challenging when you are a hard worker, and have a successful business or career. Perhaps one way of keeping the connection going is to go to a Tantra Retreat, workshop or a weekend getaway somewhere local. A night out on the town, and back to a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub sounds delightful.

Sometimes even just a simple practice of meditation together can ignite the fire, and remove the energy and stress of work and everyday life. It can help to cleanse the energy and let the kundalini sexual energy rise again, especially between two people who originally had an intense and powerful connection. It will always come back after a little cleansing. If you have not been on a meditation practice, perhaps consider the opportunity there for igniting a tantric connection. Its simple and free.

Did you have a good holiday, and now you feel distant from your loved one again? Consider planning something with the one you love the most. And, if you already feel close to him or her that you love, do something to celebrate!

I celebrate with you in your passion and love, and hope for it to continue as long as you desire!

Much love,


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